Book Review: 2010 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a digital copy of the Seth Stohs’ 2010 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook and I found it to be pretty impressive. Seth is the founder of and the Handbook includes 150 profiles of prospects in the Twins system as well as Q and A’s from a few Twins farmhands. The book also lists several other Twins fan sites and their respective top prospect lists, but my favorite piece was Seth’s top 30 lists of Twins prospects dating back to 2006. That feature provided an interesting retrospective on the success and failures the most highly regarded prospects in the organization over the past five years and also highlights Seth’s prognosticating ability.

While I consider this book a must have for Twins fans, one doesn’t need to be a Twins fan to enjoy it. I’m currently working on my Top 15 Second Basemen prospects piece for Prospect Junkies and I had been searching for reputable information on Derek McCallum with no success. No, McCallum won’t make my list, but I had seen him play several times in college and didn’t want to exclude him from my research. Seth’s book contained the first solid and trusted report on McCallum’s professional career that I was able to locate.

Not only would I recommend this book to any Twins fan, but it’s also a valuable resource for anyone looking for in-depth prospect information. The 2010 Twins Prospect Handbook is now available for pre-order here.

If you have a prospect handbook that you’d like me to review on this site, please contact me at

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