College Baseball Prospect Update – Pitchers 3.26.10

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Danny Hultzen – LHP – UVA. 6IP 8H 3ER 2BB 6K.
Casey Harman – LHP – CLEM. 7IP 5H 3ER 0BB 3K.
Deck McGuire – RHP – GT. 7IP 6H 1ER 3BB 10K. Good outing v. Matt Harvey and NC.
Matt Harvey – RHP – UNC. 7IP 3H 1ER 6BB 11K. The 6BB is closer to the 09 version, but still a good outing against the #3 team in the nation.
Sean Gilmartin – LHP – FSU. 7.1IP 6H 1ER 0BB 7K. Strong in win v. a Maryland team that beat Deck McGuire last weekend.
Chris Hernandez – LHP – MIA. 5IP 7H 4ER 4BB 6K.
Justin Wright – LHP – VATECH. 9IP 4H 0ER 0BB 6K. Great outing for the 5’9 little man.

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

Sonny Gray – RHP – VANDY. 7IP 4H 0ER 3BB 6K. Great outing in W over Kentucky.
Drew Pomeranz -LHP – MISS. 7.1IP 5H 1ER 2BB 9K. Big performance in big game v. Florida.
Austin Ross – RHP – LSU. 6IP 6H 2ER 2BB 4K.
Matty Ott – RHP – LSU. 1IP 1H 0ER 0BB 1K. Matty Ice.
Mike Bolsinger – RHP – ARK. 5.2IP 4H 2ER 4BB 5K.
Bryan Morgado – LHP – TEN. 7IP 5H 3ER 4BB 11K.
Alex Panteliodis – LHP – FLA. 7.1IP 6H 3ER 0BB 8K. First loss of the year for the sophomore. Now 5-1.
Cecil Tanner – RHP – GA. .1IP 0H 1ER 2BB 0K. 2011 Draft prospect takes loss in relief.
Logan Darnell – LHP – KY. 5.1IP 9H 5ER 4BB 3K.

Big 12 Conference

Taylor Jungmann – RHP – TEX. 5.2 IP 7H 8ER 4BB 5K. Two bad starts in a row.
Chad Bettis – RHP – TEX TECH. 1.2IP 3H 3ER 2BB 2K. One of the top relief pitchers in the 2010 draft.
Zach Neal – RHP – OK. 7IP 4H 1ER 0BB 11K. No idea if Neal is a legit prospect, but an outing like this in league play gets my attention.
Nick Tepesch – RHP – MIZZOU. 7.1IP 5H 3ER 2BB 4K.
Tyler Lyons – LHP – OK ST. 5.1IP 10H 7ER 1BB 3K. Roughed up by K-State.
Barret Loux – RHP – TEX A&M. 7IP 3H 1ER 1BB 11K. Loux now 4-1.
T.J. Walz – RHP – KAN. 6.2IP 8H 7ER 3BB 4K.

PAC 10

Trevor Bauer – RHP – UCLA. 8IP 5H 3ER 3BB 9K. Sophomore Bauer leads UCLA to 19-0 record in rare Friday start.
Gerrit Cole – RHP – UCLA. 5IP 2H 3ER 7BB 7K. THURSDAY. Cole had trouble throwing strikes. Was it the result of shorter rest?
Seth Blair – RHP – ASU. 5.1IP 8H 5ER 2BB 5K.
Brett Mooneyham – LHP – STAN. 5IP 2H 1ER 4BB 5K.

Big Ten

Seth Rosin – RHP – MIN. 8IP 5H 2ER 0BB 8K. Nice bounce back for the Junior.

Atlantic Sun Conference

Chris Sale – LHP – FGC. 8IP 10H 1ER 0BB 7K.

Big West

Daniel Bibona – LHP – IRVINE. 6.1IP 9H 5ER 2BB 5K.

Mountain West

Matt Purke – LHP – TCU. 2.1IP 5H 4ER 1BB 5K. Freshman gets hit hard v. Air Force.

West Coast Conference

Kyle Blair – RHP – SD. 5.1IP 6H 4ER 3BB 9K. The 6 unearned runs didn’t help v. a very good Coastal Carolina team.
Cole Cook – RHP – Pepperdine. 8.2IP 13H 7ER 2BB 9K.
Martin Viramontes – RHP – LMU. 5.2IP 6H 0ER 3BB 6K. Strong outing for the Loyola Marymount sophomore.

Colonial Athletic Association

Kevin Munson – RHP – James Madison. 1.2IP 2H 2ER 2BB 2K. Earns win in relief.

Missouri Valley Conference

Patrick Cooper – RHP – Bradley. 5IP 9H 5ER 2BB 3K. Transfer from Des Moines Area, Iowa CC.
Jordan Cooper – RHP – Wichita St. 9IP 5H 1ER 1BB 4K.

Big South Conference

Cody Wheeler – LHP – Coastal Carolina.6IP 5H 2ER 6BB 6K. Earned the Win over Kyle Blair and San Diego.

Southern Conference

Asher Wojchiechowski – RHP – Citadel. 7IP 7H 1ER 2BB 11K. Moves to 6-0
Blake Hassebrock – RHP – UNC Greensboro. 1.2IP 3H 1ER 1BB 2K.


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