College Baseball Prospect Update – Pitchers 5.1.10

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Robert Morey – RHP – UVA. 9IP 5H 1ER 1BB 8K. (W, 7-2)
Brandon Cumpton – RHP – GT. 5.1 IP 6H 3ER 5BB 4K.
Sean Gilmartin – LHP – FSU. 5IP 5H 3ER 0BB 5K. (L, 6-4)
Mathew Price – RHP – VaTech. 9IP 6H 1ER 1BB 9K. (W, 6-3)
Casey Harman – LHP – CLEM. 7IP 8H 2ER 2BB 6K.

Southestern Conference (SEC)

Anthony Ranaudo – RHP – LSU. 2IP 6H 4ER 0BB 0K. Between missing time with shoulder soreness and his last two starts his stock has fallen considerably.
Alex Panteliodis – LHP – FLA. (W, 7-2)
Aaron Barrett – RHP – MISS. 3.2IP 2H 4ER 3BB 4K.
Sam Dyson – RHP – SCAR. 7.1IP 8H 5ER 1BB 10K. (L, 4-3) Unsigned 10th rounder (A’s) from 2009 Draft.
Taylor Rogers – LHP – UK. 7IP 11H 7ER 2H 2K.
Mike Bolsinger – RHP – ARK. .2IP 0H 0ER 0BB 0K.

Big 12 Conference

Cole Green – RHP – TEX. 8.1IP 6H 0ER 1BB 5K.
Chance Ruffin – RHP – TEX. 1.2IP 1H 0ER 1BB 2K.
Nick Tepesch – RHP – MIZZU. 6.1IP 10H 4ER 0BB 4K. (L, 4-4)
Bobby Doran – RHP – TEX TECH. 8.1IP 9H 3ER 1BB 16K (W, 4-2) Impressive dominance.
Chad Bettis – RHP – TEX TECH. .2IP 1H 1ER 2BB 1K. (S, 9)
John Stilson – RHP – TEX A&M. 1.1IP 3H 0ER 0BB 1K.

Pac 10 Conference

Trevor Bauer – RHP – UCLA. 7IP 8H 4ER 5BB 7K. (L, 6-3).
Tanner Robles – LHP – OSU. 4.2IP 4H 3ER 3BB 5K.
Tyler Waldron – LHP – OSU. .2IP 4H 3ER 3BB 5K.

Big 10 Conference

Seth Rosin – RHP – MIN. 5IP 9H 8ER 1BB 2.
TJ Oakes – RHP – MIN. 6IP 8H 2ER 2BB 3K. (W, 3-3). Strong Freshman

Big West Conference

Jake Thompson – RHP – LBS. 7IP 13H 8ER 1BB 5K. (L, 5-2)
Daniel Renken – RHP – CSF. 5IP 3H 4ER 5BB 5K. (W, 7-2)

West Coast Conference

Sammy Solis – LHP – SD. 9IP 5H 2ER 2BB 9K. Nationally, Solis contributes to an exceptionally deep Sophomore class.

Atlantic Sun Conference

Chris Sale – LHP – FGC. 8IP 4H 2ER 2BB 10K. (W, 7-0). A strong performance against a quality opponent (Clemson).

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