2010 MLB Mock Draft 2.0

1. Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper – C – Southern Nevada. R-L – 6’3″ 205. 10.16.92. Harper to the Nats might be the only sure thing at this point, although I think he’ll be a right fielder long before he has the chance to catch Strasburg. (5.21 Bryce Harper)

2. Pittsburg Pirates: Manny Machado – SS – Brito HS, FL. R-R – 6’3″ 190. 7.6.92. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this pick with prognosticators speculating that the Bucs will take the best available player. Who’s the best available prospect? I think it’s Jamison Taillon but I don’t think the Pirates do. (5.21 Drew Pomeranz)

3. Baltimore Orioles: Jamison Taillon – RHP – The Woodlands HS, TX. R-R – 6’7″ 230. 11.18.91. I haven’t heard many Taillon to Pittsburg links, so Taillon should be here and the Orioles shouldn’t hesitate to call his name. (5.21 Jamison Taillon)

4. Kansas City Royals: Drew Pomeranz – LHP – Mississippi. L-L – 6’5″ 230. 11.28.88. Pitched well (7IP 6H 0ER 1BB 7K) in Tuesday’s SEC Tournament win against South Carolina to stop his slide after a couple of rough starts. Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal has been linked here too as has Cititdel RHP Asher Wojacowski which would be a reach. (5.21 Manny Machado)

5. Cleveland Indians: Chris Sale – LHP – Florida Gulf Coast. L-L – 6’6″ 175. 3.30.90. No change from Mock 1.0. (5.21 Chris Sale)

6. Arizona Diamondbacks: Deck McGuire – RHP – Georgia Tech. R-R – 6’6″ 218. 6.23.89. The Diamondbacks are being linked to college pitching and if Grandal goes to the Royals at #4, Pomeranz or Sale would be possibilities here as would North Carolina RHP Matt Harvey. (5.21 Karsten Whitson)

7. New York Mets: Zack Cox – 3B – Arkansas L-R – 6’0″ 215. 9.23.88. Cox joins Harper, Taillon and Sale as picks I haven’t changed from my last mock. I still think the Mets will go college bat and Cox is at the top of the class. Grandal, Middle Tennessee State’s Bryce Brentz and Texas Arlington OF Michael Choice are also possibilities. (5.21 Zach Cox)

8. Houston Astros: Houston Astros: Josh Sale – OF – Bishop Blanchet HS, WA. L-R – 6’0″ 205. In my previous Mock, I had Sale to the Astros at #19 but now I think there’s a chance he doesn’t make it that far so they reach for him here. (5.21 Deck McGuire)

9. San Diego Padres: Kolbrin Vitek – 2B – Ball State. R-R – 6’3″ 195. DOB 4.1.89. I still think this is high but I also think it’s going to happen. (5.21 Kolbrin Vitek)

10. Oakland Athletics: Michael Choice – OF – UT Arlington. R-R – 6’0″ 210. 11.10.89. Unchanged from last week as this still looks like a good fit. (5.21 Michael Choice)

11. Toronto Bluejays: Austin Wilson – OF – Harvard Westlake HS, CA. R-R – 6’4″ 200. 2.7.92. Wilson has produced some serious draft helium this spring based mostly on projection. His strong college commitment (Stanford) makes him a difficult sign. He’s a good fit with the Blue Jays who have some extra money in the draft budget after failing to sign 3 of their first 4 picks in 2009. (5.21 Bryce Brentz)

12. Cincinnati Reds: Alex Wimmers – RHP – Ohio State. L-R – 6’2″ 195. 11.1.88. A local product who will sign for slot makes him difficult to pass up. (5.21 Alex Wimmers)

13. Chicago White Sox: Brandon Workman – RHP – Texas. R-R – 6’5″ 220. 8.13.88. I think Workman will be there and I still think the White Sox will take him. Wojciechowski, Arkansas RHP/OF Brett Eibner and Virginia Tech RHP Jesse Hahn are also options. (5.21 Brandon Workman).

14. Milwaukee Brewers: Matt Harvey – RHP – University of North Carolina. R-R – 6’4″ 225. 3.27.89. Boras Corp will get top dollar for a guy tabbed as the top prospect in this 2010 class three years ago, who looked like a 3rd rounder his first two years in college until reinvigorating his elite status this spring. (5.21 Brett Eibner).

15. Texas Rangers: Asher Wojciechowski – RHP – Citadel. R-R – 6’4″ 235. 12.21.88. The Southern Conference star has propelled himself into 1st round consideration, but if he doesn’t develop his changeup he’ll be in a bull pen somewhere. (5.21 Jesse Hahn)

16. Chicago Cubs: Karsten Whitson – RHP – Chipley HS, FL. R-R – 6’4″ 190. 8.25.91. The big right hander could end up as the best prep pitcher in this class, but I’m still pretty high on Taillon. (5.21 Matt Harvey)

17. Tampa Bay Rays: Yasmani Grandal – C – Miami. B-R – 6’2″ 210. 11.8.88. Grandal could go as high as #4 but I can see several scenarios where he slips here and the Rays wouldn’t hesitate to take him. (5.21 Yasmani Grandal)

18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Christian Colon – SS – Cal State Fullerton. R-R – 6’0″ 180. 5.14.89. It’s still pretty unclear to me how the Angles will use their three 1st rounders, after taking two prep OF’s in the 1st round last year. (5.21 Christian Colon)

19. Houston Astros: Delino DeShields Jr – OF – Norcross HS, GA. R-R – 5’9″ 175. 8.16.92. The Stros will take Josh Sale here if he’s available but in this scenario I have them taking him at #8, and there’s been a lot of buzz about DeShields Jr. at this pick. (5.21 Josh Sale)

20. Boston Red Sox: Anthony Raunado – RHP – LSU. R-R – 6’7″ 230. 9.9.89. Raunado pitched decent enough in the SEC tournament that I still think he’s a first rounder. He’ll command an above slot bonus and the Red Sox can afford to give it to him. (5.21 Anthony Raunado)

21. Minnesota Twins: Bryce Brentz – OF – Middle Tennessee State. R-R – 6’0″ 195. 12.30.88. Brentz was perceived as a better pitcher than hitter when drafted (Indians – 30th round) in 2007. Three years of raking in college have changed that perception. (5.21 A.J. Cole)

22. Texas Rangers: Stetson Allie – RHP – St. Edward HS. OH R-R – 6’4″ 225. 3.13.91. Allie will be an expensive sign away from North Carolina but the Rangers will go cheap with the #15 pick and should have some cash leftover that they wanted to give to unsigned first rounder Matt Purke last year. (5.21 Stetson Allie)

23. Florida Marlins: Brett Eibner – RHP/OF – Arkansas. R-R – 6’4″ 210. 12.2.88. I’m now thinking college arm. Arizona State RHP Seth Blair, and Texas A&M RHP Barret Loux are also possibilities. (5.21 Dylan Covey).

24. San Francisco Giants: Nick Castellanos – 3B – Archbishop McCarthy HS, FL. R-R – 6’4″ 200. 3.4.92. His college commitment to Miami is strong, but he’s considered singable. (5.21 Nick Castellanos)

25. St. Louis Cardnals: A.J. Cole – RHP – Oviedo HS, FL. R-R – 6’5″ 190. 1.5.92. The projectable righty would be the best prep pitcher at this point. (5.21 Justin O’Conner)

26. Colorado Rockies: Dylan Covey – RHP – Maranatha HS, CA. R-R – 6’2″ 200. 7.19.91. Rockies being linked to arms and have a track record for taking best available whether high school or college. (5.21 Gary Brown)

27. Philadelphia Phillies: Kaleb Cowart – RHP/3B – Cook HS, GA. B-R – 6’3″ 190. 6.2.92. Think Casey Kelly in 2008. He’s a better pitching prospect who wants to hit. If you’re going to sign him away from his Florida State commitment, you have to let him try hitting first before moving him to the mound. (5.21 Kaleb Cowart)

28. Los Angeles Dodgers: Gary Brown – OF – Cal State Fullerton. R-R – 6’0″ 185. 8.27.88. Brown may have the highest rated speed tool in the draft. (5.21 Ryan LaMarre)

29. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Justin O’Conner – C – Cowan HS, IN. R-R – 6’1″ 190. 3.31.92. SS/3B turned catcher is best positional prep prospect in the Midwest. (5.21 Austin Wilson)

30. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Peter Tago – RHP – Dana Hills HS, CA. R-R 6’1″ 160. 7.5.92. The last of the Angles 3 first round picks, the local prospect will need to fill out. (5.21 Peter Tago)

31. Tampa Bay Rays: Jedd Gyroko – SS – West Virginia. R-R – 5’10” 185. 9.23.88. Not sure where he’ll play but it won’t be shortstop. Could be a right handed hitting Ben Zobrist. (5.21 Yordy Cabrera)

32. New York Yankees: Zach Lee -RHP – McKinney HS, TX. R-L – 6’1″ 180. 12.17.91. The Yankees have been heavily linked to prep Texas RHP Tyrell Jenkins and Michigan OF Ryan LaMarre. I still like them to take a stab at signing two sport star Lee and trying to sign him away from his LSU football scholarship. (5.21 Zach Lee).

Fallen Off
Jesse Hahn, Ryan LaMarre, Yordy Cabrera


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