MLB Draft Prospect: Stetson Allie – RHP – St. Edward H.S. – Scouting Report

MLB Draft Prospect: Stetson Allie – RHP – Lakewood St. Edaward. Bats: R Throws: R – 6’4″ 225. 3.13.91. College Commitment: North Carolina


Lakewood St. Edward v. Cincinnati Elder – June 6, 2010 (In Person)

Result: 6IP 5H 3ER 5BB 16K. W

YR – CLASS – IP – W-L – ERA – K.

2010 – SR – 60 – 9-1 – 1.29 – 134

It’s goes without saying that watching a prep pitcher throw one game doesn’t garner enough information for a true scouting report. I’m not the guy who’s going to shell out a seven figure bonus for this kid, but rather I’m an amateur scout and prospector. Take it for what it’s worth and enjoy.


Fastball: Allie possesses an 80 arm which translates into plus plus fastball velocity when he’s on the mound. More of a thrower than a pitcher, his control and his command are both well below average at this stage in his life. The pitch sat between 93-96 for most of the game and he hit 94 several times in the 6th inning when he was over 100 pitches. He lit up the stadium gun with a 101MPH offering on the 3rd pitch of the game, but it’s important to note that next highest velocity pitch was 96 which he hit on multiple occasions. I didn’t see a single pitch between 97-100 which makes the 101MPH pitch difficult to validate.

Slider: I’d rate this pitch as above average with potential to develop into a plus offering. It sat between 82-85, he kept it down in the zone and felt comfortable throwing it when he was even or ahead in the count. The pitch has more vertical break than horizontal sweeping action and like his fastball, both the control and command of this pitch are below average.

Changeup: If he possesses a changeup, I didn’t see it. But when you record 16 of 18 outs via the strike out on a mix of 95MPH fastballs and 84MPH sliders, there’s not much need for a changeup at the high school level. He’ll need to develop an off speed pitch to succeed as a starter at the professional level.

DELIVERY: Allie displays more body control than I anticipated. His actions are fluid and athletic for a kid of his size and he utilizes his frame to generate his outstanding velocity. He balances well on his back leg and uses that leg to explode his body toward home plate. While he generates plus plus velocity without being violent and max effort, he does fall off the mound toward first base and sometimes fails to follow through. This causes him to lose his release point and contributes to his poor control. From the stretch he pays little attention to baserunners and foregoes a slide step for an exaggerated leg kick.

FUTURE: Allie will hear his name called in the first round, just over 24 hours after leading his team to a Division I Ohio High School State Championship, so I guess he’s having a good week. And if he’s not satisfied with the offer he receives from the team that selects him, he’s got a full ride to a first class college program (North Carolina) as a fall back option. Also a legitimate prospect as a hitter, he’d be a two way threat at Chapel Hill, but he’s expected to focus on pitching as a professional. His current two pitch mix would make him a dangerous late inning relief pitcher, but professional teams don’t spend first round money on high school relief pitchers. He’ll be developed as a starter until he proves otherwise. It’s difficult to project his future as a starter since he doesn’t yet use a changeup, so I’ll say he has a ceiling as a Major League closer and has an average chance to reach that ceiling.


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