College Baseball: Super Regional Drafted Players

After three action packed days and over 1500 players selected, it’s natural to be hungover on the MLB Draft. The over-saturation of coverage could drive the average fan into hibernation. At Prospect Junkies however, we don’t attract the average fan. Our very name suggests that you’re here because you can’t get enough prospect news and we’re more than happy to oblige.

The Super Regional round of the NCAA Baseball Tournament is my favorite baseball weekend of the year. Sure it doesn’t have the tradition of the World Series or the hype of the All-Star Game, but baseball’s crossover from amateur to professional status is so fantastically unique to other major sports that it absolutely captivates me. Maybe it’s like this in hockey too, but I’m not Canadian so I wouldn’t know. Many of the players selected in this week’s MLB Draft (125 to be exact) aren’t looking to relinquish their amateur status any time soon. Those 125 players are playing for the 16 teams left in this tournament competing for a chance to advance to Omaha for the College World Series.

Vanderbilt leads the way with 12 recently drafted players while Florida, South Carolina and Arizona State each had 11.

Check out the comprehensive list below of recent MLB Draftees that will be showcasing their talents this weekend.

Austin Super Regional

Arizona State v. Texas

Arizona State Drafted Players (11):

Ricco Torrez – 3B – Tampa Bay Rays (4th Round)

Johnny Ruettiger – OF – Baltimore Orioles (8th Round)

Austin Barnes – C – Florida Marlins (9th Round)

Zach MacPhee – 2B – Cleveland Indians (13th Round)

Xorge Carrillo – C – New York Mets (14th Round)

Mitchell Lambson – LHP – Houston Astros (19th Round)

Brandon Magee – OF – Oakland Athletics (21st Round)

Zach Wilson – 1B – New York Yankees (21st Round)

Kyle Ottoson – LHP – Washington Nationals (24th Round)

Kramer Champlin – RHP – Toronto Blue Jays (33rd Round)

Andy Workman – OF – Los Angeles Angels (34th Round)

Texas Drafted Players (9):

Taylor Jungmann – RHP – Milwaukee Brewers (1st Round)

Sam Stafford – LHP – New York Yankees (2nd Round)

Brandon Loy – SS – Detroit Tigers (5th Round)

Cole Green – RHP – Cincinnati Reds (9th Round)

Andrew McKirahan – LHP – Chicago Cubs (21st Round)

Tant Shepherd – 1B – New York Mets (24th Round)

Kevin Dicharry – RHP – Philadelphia Phillies (41st Round)

Stayton Thomas – RHP – Tampa Bay Rays (43rd Round)

Kevin Lusson – C – Tampa Bay Rays (45th Round)

Chapel Hill Super Regional

Stanford v. North Carolina

Stanford Drafted Players (6):

Chris Reed – LHP – Los Angeles Dodgers (1st Round)

Scott Snodgress – LHP – Chicago White Sox (5th Round)

Jordan Pries – RHP – Seattle Mariners (30th Round)

Zach Jones – C – Arizona Diamondbacks (34th Round)

Brett Mooneyham – LHP – Washington Nationals (38th Round)

Danny Sandbrink – RHP – San Francisco Giants (42nd Round)

North Carolina Drafted Players (5) :

Levi Michael – SS – Minnesota Twins (1st Round)

Greg Holt – RHP – Washington Nationals (8th Round)

Jesse Wierzbicki – 1B – Houston Astros (24th Round)

Patrick Johnson – RHP – Colorado Rockies (25th Round)

Jacob Stallings – C – Cincinnati Reds (42nd Round)

Charlottesville Super Regional

UC Irvine v. Virginia

UC Irvine Players Drafted (5):

Matt Summers – RHP – Minnesota Twins (4th Round)

Drew Hillman – 3B – Philadelphia Phillies (18th Round)

Brian Hernandez – 3B – Los Angeles Angels (27th Round)

D.J. Crumlich – SS – Pittsburgh Pirates (38th Round)

Jordan Leyland – 1B – Tampa Bay Rays (44th Round)

Virginia Players Drafted (8):

Danny Hultzen – LHP – Seattle Mariners (1st Round)

John Hicks – C – Seattle Mariners (4th Round)

Will Roberts – RHP – Cleveland Indians (5th Round)

Steve Proscia – 3B – Seattle Mariners (7th Round)

Tyler Wilson – RHP – Baltimore Orioles (10th Round)

Kenny Swab – C – Kansas City Royals (21st Round)

Cody Winiarski – RHP – Chicago White Sox (36th Round)

John Barr – OF – Cleveland Indians (39th Round)

Columbia Super Regional

Connecticut v. South Carolina

Connecticut Players Drafted (10):

George Springer – OF – Houston Astros (1st Round)

Matt Barnes – RHP – Boston Red Sox (1st Round)

Nick Ahmed – SS – Atlanta Braves (2nd Round)

John Andreoli – OF – Chicago Cubs (17th Round)

Greg Nappo – LHP – Florida Marlins (18th Round)

Kevin Vance – RHP – Chicago White Sox (19th Round)

Mike Nemeth – 1B – Milwaukee Brewers (21st Round)

David Fischer – RHP – San Francisco Giants (30th Round)

Doug Elliot – C – Milwaukee Brewers (35th Round)

Elliot Glynn – LHP – Milwaukee Brewers (39th Round)

South Carolina Players Drafted (11):

Jackie Bradley Jr. – OF – Boston Red Sox (1st Round Supplemental)

Matt Price – RHP – Arizona Diamondbacks (6th Round)

David Wingo – SS – Los Angeles Dodgers (11th Round)

Peter Mooney – SS – Toronto Blue Jays (21st Round)

John Taylor – RHP – Seattle Mariners (22nd Round)

Adam Matthews – OF – Baltimore Orioles (23rd Round)

Brian Harper – LHP – Washington Nationals (30th Round)

Michael Roth – LHP – Cleveland Indians (31st Round)

Steven Neff – LHP – San Francisco Giants (41st Round)

Jon Webb – LHP – Cincinnati Reds (48th Round)

Adrian Morales – 3B – Kansas City Royals (49th Round)

Gainesville Super Regional

Mississippi State v. Florida

Mississippi State Players Drafted (4):

Devin Jones – RHP – Baltimore Orioles (9th Round)

Nick Vickerson – SS – Texas Rangers (20th Round)

Jarrod Parks – 3B – Los Angeles Angels (24th Round)

Jaron Sheperd – OF – Colorado Rockies (33rd Round)

Florida Players Drafted (11):

Nick Maronde – LHP – Los Angeles Angles (3rd Round)

Anthony DeSclafani – RHP – Toronto Blue Jays (6th Round)

Alex Panteliodis – LHP – New York Mets (9th Round)

Tommy Toledo – RHP – Milwaukee Brewers (11th Round)

Josh Adams – 2B – Florida Marlins (13th Round)

Preston Tucker – 1B/OF – Colorado Rockies (16th Round)

Ben McMahan – C – Milwaukee Brewers (23rd Round)

Matt Campbell – RHP – Philadelphia Phillies (24th Round)

Greg Larson – RHP – Los Angeles Angels (29th Round)

Bryson Smith – OF – Cincinnati Reds (34th Round)

Tyler Thompson – OF – Washington Nationals (46th Round)

Nashville Super Regional

Oregon State v. Vanderbilt

Oregon State Drafted Players (8):

Andrew Susac – C – San Francisco Giants (2nd Round)

Sam Gaviglio – RHP – St. Louis Cardinals (5th Round)

Josh Osich – LHP – San Francisco Giants (6th Round)

Brian Stamps – OF – Atlanta Braves (24th Round)

Parker Breberet – C – Milwaukee Brewers (25th Round)

Carter Bell – 3B – Arizona Diamondbacks (29th Round)

James Nygren – RHP – Florida Marlins (33rd Round)

Taylor Starr – RHP – Cleveland Indians (37th Round)

Vanderbilt Drafted Players (12):

Sonny Gray – RHP – Oakland Athletics (1st Round)

Grayson Garvin – LHP – Tampa Bay Rays (1st Round Supplemental)

Jason Esposito – 3B – Baltimore Orioles (2nd Round)

Jack Armstrong – RHP – Houston Astros (3rd Round)

Aaron Westlake – 1B – Detroit Tigers (3rd Round)

Corey Williams – LHP – Minnesota Twins (3rd Round)

Taylor Hill – RHP – Washington Nationals (6th Round)

Mark Lamm – RHP – Atlanta Braves (6th Round)

Curt Casali – C – Detroit Tigers (10th Round)

Navery Moore – RHP – Atlanta Braves (14th Round)

Will Clinard – RHP – Minnesota Twins (30th Round)

Joe Loftus – OF – Arizona Diamondbacks (46th Round)

Santa Clara Super Regional

Dallas Baptist v. California

Dallas Baptist Drafted Players (3):

Jason Krizan – OF – Detroit Tigers (8th Round)

Michael Williamson – RHP – Milwaukee Brewers (20th Round)

Chris Haney – RHP – San Diego Padres (20th Round)

California Drafted Players (7):

Erik Johnson – RHP – Chicago White Sox (2nd Round)

Marcus Semien – SS – Chicago White Sox (6th Round)

Dixon Anderson – RHP – Washington Nationals (9th Round)

Chadd Krist – C – Chicago White Sox (13th Round)

Kevin Miller – RHP – Chicago Cubs (18th Round)

Matt Flemer – RHP – Kansas City Royals (19th Round)

Austin Booker – 2B – Oakland Athletics (33rd Round)

Tallahassee Super Regional

Texas A&M v. Florida State

Texas A&M Drafted Players (9):

John Stilson – RHP – Toronto Blue Jays (3rd Round)

Ross Stripling – RHP – Colorado Rockies (9th Round)

Nick Fleece – RHP – Cincinnati Reds (13th Round)

Todd Simko – LHP – Washington Nationals (21st Round)

Adam Smith – RHP – New York Yankees (25th Round)

Brandon Parrent – LHP – Chicago White Sox (30th Round)

Kenny Jackson – 3B – Florida Marlins (31st Round)

Kevin Gonzalez – C – Houston Astros (36th Round)

Steven Martin – RHP – Houston Astros (37th Round)

Florida State Drafted Players (6):

Sean Gilmartin – LHP – Atlanta Braves (1st Round)

Mike McGee – OF/RHP – Seattle Mariners (15th Round)

Rafael Lopez – C – Chicago Cubs (16th Round)

Daniel Bennett – RHP – Detroit Tigers (19th Round)

James Ramsey – OF – Minnesota Twins (22nd Round)

Taiwan Easterling – OF – Chicago Cubs (27th Round)


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