About Prospect Junkies

Located in the Midwest, Prospect Junkies has access to several minor league and major college facilities. We are fortunate enough to scout players at the high school, college, and minor league levels. We will be posting video and scouting reports of your favorite prospects soon.  Follow the site on Twitter:  @ProspectJunkies

Burke Granger, Founder

In 2010 Burke Granger launched Prospect Junkies, a site devoted to scouting, analyzing, and evaluating the top prospects in baseball. Granger played baseball at Sinclair Community College, and holds a Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School.  Passionate about discussing prospects, Granger’s work has been featured on Minors and Majors, on SiriusXM Radio, as well as Jonathan Mayo’s B3:  Big, Bald, and Beautiful.

Contact Burke at burkegranger@prospectjunkies.com.  Follow on Twitter: @BurkeGranger

Mario Phillips, Contributing West Coast Baseball Scout

Mario Phillips joins the Prospect Junkies team as the Contributing West Coast Baseball Scout.  Phillips is a graduate of the MLB Scout School and a certified baseball scout.  Phillips also completed RFB Five Tools Scout School and Sports Management Worldwide’s Baseball Program.  Phillips is the Head of California Recruiting  at Premier Scouting Service, where he connects college coaches with student athletes seeking athletic scholarships.   Phillips is passionate about scouting, player development, and keeping the DH out of the National League.

Contact Mario at mphillips@premierscouting.com


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