Daily Fantasy Baseball 101: Batting Order

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Daily Fantasy Baseball Series:  Ballpark Factors

By: Jonathan Piening

A player’s spot in the lineup is one of the most important factors to consider when making your daily fantasy picks.  The higher a player is hitting in the lineup, the more expected plate appearances that player is going see each game.  The leadoff hitter can expect to see about 4.6 plate appearances per game while the 9 hole hitter is about 3.75.  That’s a major difference.  The steep decline actually starts once you hit the sixth spot in the lineup, so you’ll want to keep your exposure to guys in the top 5 spots in the lineup if at all possible.

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Prospect Junkies Podcast: 002 – Hot Stove

Burke Granger, Howard Corona, Jonathan Piening and Hammer Schmitmeyer convene for another edition of the Prospect Junkies podcast.  Topics of discussion include the Ken Giles/Mark Appel trade, Daily Fantasy Baseball, and the Jason Heyward and Johnny Cueto signings.

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